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Tri-State Area Churches

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Take Time to Worship at a Church of your Choice This Weekend

Anointed Life Fellowship

12133 Warrior Drive , Creasptown, MD

301-729-9466 Pastors: William & Marjorie Polska

Faith Independent Baptist Church

301 Shaw St., Frostburg, MD

Pastor: Larry Burkholder - 301-689-6294

New Covenant United Methodist Church

1707 Fredrick Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev Richard Jewel - 301-724-1150

Annunciation Of Our Lord Parish

238 Hwy 28 N, Fort AShby, WV

Pastor: Rev Paul Yuenger - 304-298-3392

Faith Presbyterian Church in America

103 Mustaphal Dr, LaVale , MD

Pastor: Rev. Lee Clapper - 301-729-0100

Oasis Family Life Center

Meets @ Bel Air Elementary School

Pastor: Joe Alkire  - 304-298-3499

Apostolic Lighthouse

12715 Corrigansville Rd , Corrigansville, MD

Pastor: Jim Glass - 301-264-3719

First Assembly of God

21 E. Elder St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Gene Riffey -301-777-2731

Park Place United Methodist Church

80 National Highway, LaVale, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Lee Brotemarkle - 301-722-8145

Barton United Methodist Church

Legistative Rd.& Latrobe St, Barton, MD

Pastor: John Park, 301-463-2315

First Baptist Church of Cumberland (SBC

212 Bedford St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Tom Landaker -301-777-0668

Pentecostal Holiness Church

660 Fayette Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rodney L. Casteel  - 301-722-5174

Barrelville Presbyterian Church

Barrelville, MD     Speakers: Ruchard Luger,

Diane Bolt, Michael Matthews

First Baptist Church of Fort Ashby

Water St., Fort Ashby , WV

Pastor: Vernon E. Beachum - 304-298-4752

Pilgrim's Hope Reformed Presbyterian Church

405 North Mechanic St., Cumberland, Maryland


Bethel Church of Nazarene

11720 Valley Rd., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: David Dayhoff - 301-724-9343

First Church of God Cumberland

29 Delaware Ave, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Rev. Samuel L. Seletyn - 301-724-8830

Pinto Mennonite Church

13822 Pinto Road SW, Pinto, Maryland

Pastors: Phillip Dayton, Lester T. Hershey, Paul T. Livengood  - 304-726- 4380

Bethany House Of The Lord

101 Oak St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Michael Allen Mudge - 301-722-0333

First Church of the Nazarene

508 Oldtown Road, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Gary Barkley - 301-777-1480

Rawlings United Methodist Church

18910 McMullen Highway, Rawlings, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. John Footen - 301-729-0088

Bethel Holiness Church

20701 Bethel Dr, Rt 36 Lonaconing, MD

Pastor: Rev George R. Loar

First Congregational Church of Frostburg

Bowery Street, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Joseph R. Penick -  301-689-8906

Salem United Church of Christ

78 Broadway, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Margee A. Iddings - 301-689-9695

Calvary Baptish Church

14513 McMullen Hwy, Creasptown Md

Pastor: Geoff Wheeler - 301-729-0784

First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg

33 Broadway, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Bill Pinches - 301-689-3538

Second Baptist Church

1 Grand Ave, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Sherrill Dillion - 301-722-5190

Calvary Bible Church

Ellerslie, Md

Pastor: John L. Klink - 301-722-2055

First Presbyterian Church

11 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Dr. O. Martin Harris, Jr - 301-777-1462

Soul's Harbor Church

1308 River Ave, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Betty Kennedy - 301-777-1025

Central Assembly of God

2020 Bedford St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Douglas Seaman - 301-777-3105

First Wesleyan Church

15003 Wyoming Ave, Cresaptown, MD


Springfield Assembly of God

Springfield WV

Pastor: Dr. Tom Gulbronson - 304-298-3993

Central United Methodist Church

15 S. George St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Charles F. Riggleman -301-724-4080

Friends of Jesus Gospel Center

Rt 220 next to Sheetz, Cresaptown, MD

Pastor: Rev/ Bartholomew  Frankenberry Sr. C.S.W. 301-729-1122

SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Church

109 N. Smallwoods St., Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Father James Kurtz, OFM. Cap - 301-777-3131   Fax 301-759-3568

Centre St. United Methodist Church

217 N. Centre St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Lloyd McCanna - 301-722-5370

Frostburg Church of The Nazarene

150 Center Street, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Ed Erwin - 301-689-5146

St. Ambrose Catholic Church

14923 Winchester Road, Cresaptown, Maryland

Pastor: Father James Kurtz - 301-729-2790

Christ Lutheran Church

Vocke Rd @ I-68 LaVale, MD

Pastor: Charles A. Erzkus - 301-729-1010

Frostburg United Methodist Church

48 West Main Street, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Rebecca Vardiman - 301-689-6626

St. Anthony's Parish

121 Main Street, Ridgeley, WV

Pastor: Rev Paul Yuenger  - 304-298-3392

Christ United Methodist Church

4th & Race St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Dan Wright

Full Gospel Penecostal Church

477 Eastern Ave, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: James Peters - 301-729-2124

St. Georges Episcopal Church

12811 St. Georges Lane NW, Mt. Savage, MD

Pastor: Rev Elizabeth Webster - 301-264-3524

Cornerstone Baptist Church (Independent)

930 Fredrick St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor:David G. Hattenfield - 301-777-2788

God's Ark of Safety Church

Cherry Lane, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: J. Richard Greene - 301-689-3551

St. John's Episcopal Church

52 Broadway, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Richard Morley - 301-689-6634

Cresaptown United Methodist Church

14805 McMullen Hwy, Cresaptown, MD

Pastor: Harold R. McClay Jr. 301-729-0052

Grace Baptist Church

211 Greene Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Doug White - 301-777-0823

Saint Peter Episcopal Church

Lonaconing, Maryland

Pastor: Fr. Rick Morley - 301-463-6144

Cumberland Bible Church

400 E. 3rd St, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: S. Dwight Morgan - 301-724-1102

Grace Community Church

12018 Valley Road, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Florence Shewbridge - 301-729-2069

St. John's Lutheran Church

Corner of Arch & Fourth St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Mark C. Dill - 301-724-7250

Cumberland Church of Christ

221  Memorial Ave, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Albert Brown -301-777-7718

Grace Memorial Community Church

1005 Bishop Dr., Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Mickey Stephens -301-777-1670

St. Mark's Comunity Church

Corner of Harrison & Park St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Rev. Harold Shaffer - 301-777-8863

Cumberland Community Church

12900 Bedford Rd, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Ron Yost  - 301-777-8839

Grace Ministry

400 Seymour Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: John Thomas D. Min - 301-724-0871

St. Luke's Lutheran Church

1601 Fredrick Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Stephen F. Yelovich - 301-722-4190

Cumberland Grace Brethren Church

Williams Road, Cumberland , MD

Pastor: Ray McCoy - 301-777-8362

Holy Cross United Methodist Church

3 Miller Lane, Carpendale, WV

Pastor: Patricia Dols - 304-738-2206

St. Mary's Catholic Church

300 E. Oldtown Road, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Milton A. Hipsley - 301-777-2990

Cumberland Seventh Day Adventist Church

800 Hilltop Drive, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Harold Wightman - 301-722-2721

Lavale Assembly Of God

525 National Hwy, LaVale, Maryland

Pastor: Martin L. Lease - 301-724-0096

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Cumberland

Washington & Smallwood St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Rev. John J. Duffus - 301-722-6604

Danville Church Of  The Brethren

Rt. 220 S. of Rawlings, Rawlings, MD

Pastor: Robert and Louise Nealis

LaVale United Methodist Church

565 National Hwy, LaVale, Maryland

Pastor: Bernadette Ross - 301-722-6800

St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Frostburg

34 W. Main Street, Frostburg, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Michael H. Tamorria 301-689-9244

Danville Community Church

Rt 220 & Middle Ridge Rd, Danville, MD

Pastor: Waco Biser

Living Stone Church Of The Brethren

W. 2nd & N. Cedar St., Cumberland, MD


The Church of St. Patrick

201 N. Center Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Msgr. Thomas R. Bevan - 301-777-1750

Davis Memorial United Methodist Church

14300 Uhl Hwy, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Dan Wright - 301-759-4003

Living Waters Ministries

Henderson Ave & Front St., Cumberland, MD
Pastor: Robin and Kelli Kirchner - 301-724-1392

The Lighthouse Church of God of Prophecy

307 Wallace Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Harry Copen - 301-777-9220

Ebenezer Full Gospel Baptist Church

861 Columbia Ave, Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Dr. John B. McIntyre Sr. 301-759-2824

Memorial Heights Baptist Church

1419 Oldtown Rd., Cumberland , Maryland

Pastor: Chan Hubbard - 301-724-5876

Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)

326 N. Center Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Eric Ruble - 301-777-1800

Ellerslie United Methodist Church

Temple & High Pine Ct, Ellerslie MD

Pastor: Virginia Weaver - 301-724-4929

Mckendree United Methodist Church

205 Paca Street,  Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Alicia Blake - 301-777-3040

The Salvation Army

01 East First Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Major David Dewan

Emmanuel Bethel United Methodist Church

24 Humbird St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Glenn Capacchione - 301-722-6136

Melvin United Methodist Church

Corner of Marion & Reynolds , Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Daniel G. Taylor - 301-777-3997

Trinity United Methodist Church

122 Grand Ave., Cumberland, Maryland


Episcopal Church Of The Holy Cross

Brookfield & Greenway Ave, Cumberland, MD


Metroplitan African Methodist Episcopal Church

309 Fredrick Street, Cumberland , MD

Pastor: Alfred Deas Jr.-301-759-6398

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

211 South Lee Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Dave Hunter - 301-759-2696

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

16 Washington St., Cumberland, MD

Pastor: Rev Edward C. Chapman - 301-777-3364

Mount Zion Church

8 Miles S. of Short Gap on Knobley Rd, WV

Pastor: Jerry Eisenhour - 304-788- 4740

Welsh Memorial Baptist Church

Corner of Beall & Charles St., Frostburg, MD

Pastor: Chris Walls  - 301-689-6332

Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Keyser)

301 S. Mineral St, Keyser, WV

Pastor: Fr. Joseph Mackov -304-788-4475

Mt. Savage United Methodist Church

12619 New Row Rd. NW, Mt. Savage, MD

Pastor: Richard C. Broome, Jr. 301-264-3535

Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church

Rt 956, Short Gap. WV

Pastor: Martha S. Oginbene - 304-726-7215

Faith Assembly of God

3 Maple St., Wiley Ford, WV

Pastor: James E. Blubaugh - 304-738-9321

Newlife Baptist Church

Naves Crossroad , Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Dan Snow  301-722-4222

Wiley Ford Church of the Brethren

Spring Street, Wiley Ford, WV

Pastor: Paul Dietz  - 304-738- 1536

World Lighthouse Worship Center

724 N. Park Road., Grantsville, Maryland

Pastor: Dewayne & Sharon Johnson - 301-895-3860

Winifred Rd. Church of Christ

936 Winifred Road, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Gary Kennedy  - 301-722-6516

Zion United Methodist Church

12201 Bedford Road, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: Rev. Robert Cook  - 301-722-6831

Zion Church (Ind)

405 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, Maryland

Pastor: K. C. Conrad  - 301-729-2667

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